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Энергия Солнца ремонтные свертные муфты нержавеющие и чугунные UU Idra в Челябинске

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Компания ООО "Энергия Солнца" работает в Челябинске с 2013 года, имеется постоянный склад ремонтных фитингов, который расположен по адресу: ул. Новоэлеваторная, здание 49/5, склад 14А

Предлагаем фитинги для перехода со старых чугунных труб на новые (стальные / пластиковые)- универсальные соединительные муфты ДРК и фланцевые адаптеры с фланцем для коннекта металлических и ПВХ ПНД. Надо сделать акцент на том, что все муфты и универсальные соединительные ДРК и фланцевые адаптеры имеют обжимной механизм фиксации на трубе, преимущественно востребованы на водопроводной трубе из чугуна, но если речь про ПЭ ПНД, то есть муфты с дополнительной фиксацией латунным кольцом. 

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The company consists of an engineer with the energy and heat engineering education. Therefore, the help in selection of equipment for us is familiar and pleasant thing. We would like to help You if:

1) it is Necessary to offer the accounting system of heat - individual apartment or radiator cost allocators heat produced in Germany You will definitely suit, given the fact that our brands are more economical. Heat supplied by our company with radio channel data transmission - are the most promising, since the processing of data from the room counters now in many cases is a complex task.
2) You are interested in thermal automatics - automatic balancing valves - sincerely Italian brands Cimberio - suited for this task.
3) Do you have a broken boiler or other thermal units. We will help with spare parts for brands BAXI Ferroli De Dietrich Lamborghini. And will find You a new boiler, the boiler or the burner if required. Can construct the heating system from scratch, and to finalize and previsionale existing project.
4) You need a solar installation for a country house. If you have the opportunity to use the grid, but there are frequent interruptions in power supply, it is better to provide battery becirbasic UPS. Solar power is only valid if there is no Central power grids.
5) You need an inverter or becirbasic electricity in an emergency situation, especially for the operation of the boiler house and borehole pump.
6) Finally you support for the rapid elimination of accidents and leaks in the pipeline - we will help to resolve the pipeline ruptures. Sell wholesale repair stainless steel clamps. For fast connection of the ends of pipes of different materials can be applied crimp flange - coupling flange PINK.
WHY do people choose "Sun Energy" ("Solar"), as the company attracts attention?

We try to provide solutions to existing already in energy issues: spare parts, repairable valves - valves and gate valves, couplings, clutches.
And novinarstva: ourselves and mounted solar power for different needs - it could be as Autonomous emergency lighting and power supply of a country house.
A unique experience gained by the Company's specialists, allows us to reliably offer optimal technological solutions and choose equipment, maximally taking into account the needs of the Clients. Have experience in construction of objects of different complexity, including high-rise residential buildings.
Customer service on boiler and solar installations.
The main task of the service Company is maintenance of uninterrupted functioning of the equipment delivered by us to the Customer. This has a team of highly qualified professionals willing to provide prompt and quality service and help at any breakage.
Technical specialists
Technical specialists and service engineers constantly improve their qualification, studying at the manufacturers and in the process of technical seminars held during exhibitions. The service Department staff will professionally adjustment works on putting the equipment into operation.
In Chelyabinsk working prototype Autonomous solar lighting. The Customer has the opportunity to see this setting.